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A German Joiner in Namibia

Thomas Pade was attracted by the raw beauty and business potential of Namibia when he decided in 1995 to settle in Windhoek. A dynamic craftsman with an eye for beauty and a vision for professional productivity and growth, he started his joinery.

Over the years Thomas Pade and Silke Pade created a unique company culture based on their conviction that the human touch and individual qualifications are at the core of any successful business. Hiring and training the most promising and dedicated individuals they managed to gather a team of professionals, all passionate about their craft.

More than twenty years later Pade and his team have made The Wood Connection a byword for traditional craft, fresh design and quality products matching the highest standards of perfection – an ongoing journey based on deep commitment.

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The Wood Connection Joinery in Namibia

The Joinery

When Thomas Pade established The Wood Connection in 1995, he took over the traditional Tischlerei Schäffler, upholding the master‘s ethical values and craftsmanship.

In changing times and with constantly improving technology the joinery has been brought up to the latest standards in highly specialized machinery, engineering equipment and specialized software for photorealistic design, work preparation and workshop management imported from Germany.

The use of new advanced technologies and our ongoing commitment to research and development enables us to generate a hint of magic when we turn our customers‘ designs into singular, finished quality products.

We are a leading joinery and woodworking expert, crafting exquisite solutions for homes, offices, and exhibitions. With meticulous attention to detail and masterful craftsmanship, we elevate spaces and create memorable showcases. Experience elegance, functionality, and style as we bring your vision to life with tailored joinery services.

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